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About Oriental Kitchen Express

Oriental Kitchen Express is the place where the residents of Kensington and surrounding areas can get the best Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and Thai Food. We have a diverse menu that caters for all food needs within the aforementioned cuisines. All our foods are prepared by our chefs using high quality ingredients. The environment in which the food is prepared is very hygienic and so are the food handlers. With our delivery services, you can enjoy these foods from the comfort of your home or office. The food will be delivered looking great, tasting great and at the perfect temperatures.

Oriental Kitchen Express Restaurant

Our physical address is 11a Russell Garden, Kensington, W14 8EZ. You can come and get your food from right here and we will be delighted to have you. Even if you think we are too far, we have a solution to that. Allow us to come to you instead and we will be happy to deliver whatever food it is that you want. To grant us that permission, you will need to have our app. You can find it on your apps store on your phone or tablet. In apple devices, simply search in the App Store and you will find our app. If using an Android device, Google Store is the place to look. Once you find the app, install it and you will find our menu. Look through it and choose what you would like to eat. Make an order and we will process it fast. We offer fast delivery in Kensington and surrounding areas. You will get exactly what you ordered looking great and when placed in the mouth, the tantalizing taste will blow your mind off.
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